is Go a technically harder game then chess


I hear that the chinese game "Go" is a much more challenging, and harder game to master then chess... is this true? 



There are definitely more variables but I personally think it's alot more strategical rather than tactical. In chess you can lose a game through a blunder but in Go you can come back from making a tactical mistake. Mastery is all dependant on the player rather than the game itself. That goes for pretty much anything. (Learning an instrument, math, etc) Similarly, challenging is subjective and cannot really be measured. 


Yes, Go has an exponential amount of more possible positions than Chess and is thus inheritently more complex (tougher).

Computers barely have the capability of playing Go at a club level, let alone at a professional level.  Contrasted with chess where computers are now our daddy.  That alone should tell you everything you need to know.

That being said, I enjoy playing chess a lot more.


Don't ask me! - I don't know what go is!


Yes. Especially when you play a hungry opponent and use m&m's for the pieces. Eventually you just get frustrated.


The only conclusion I've come to with this debate is that if you're a good player in one and not the other you will consider the game you're better at to be harder. And if you are not good at either game you will consider Go harder simply on basis that it is more mathematically complex and that computers play better than human in most positions. I, however, do not consider these to be good indicators of difficulty level.

And no I would not like to debate this topic. It is very long-winded, subjective, and ultimately a giant waste of time. I would, however, be interested in hearing the opinion of a person who is both a chess and go professional, but that person probably doesn't exist haha.

aatkins wrote:

Computers barely have the capability of playing Go at a club level, let alone at a professional level. 

This hasn't been true for a number of years now.