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Jumping Pieces

  • #1

    Everytime when I want to replay to see my move, the pieces jumping, skipping, double move in a very odd manner.

  • #2

    Is there anybody out there having this problem??Cry

  • #3

    Try using a different browser. What do you use? I had that problem a long time ago and switched to firefox, that cured it. However, it could and likely is a problem in your operating system and unfortunately you might need to get it reinstalled. Try a different browser though first.

  • #4

    The double move is an actual function in replaying your games.  There are three buttons that correspond to the passage of moves:  1 move, 2 moves (1 for each player), and the button on the farthest extremities take you immediately to the end or beginning of the game.  

  • #5

    Oscar_the_Cat, I do understand that oscar. I'm aware of all those button. Thanks by the way. Geoff_Boggler, thanks for your info. Am using Chrome and will try to change my browser. Hopefully, will help.

  • #6

    Still unable to fix it. Tried Firefox even worst:((

  • #7

    that's cuz u suck balls, niga

  • #8

    Well, I hate to say it but it does sound like your OS is corrupt which is not a disaster because you can reinstal it but it will take several hours to do, even if know what doing. I just finished doing all that to mine the past few days lol. 

  • #9

    There have been problems with chrome, windows 7 and 8. Try IE instead of chrome. Innocent

  • #10

    kayak21, is it difficult to install IE. How to do it please.

  • #11

    Usually windows comes with IE (Internet Explorer) but if don't have it, enter IE for windows in you current browser and then choose the download you wish for, be it 32 bit or 64 bit operating system. To find out which you have if not sure, click on computer and then system properties.. that should tell you everything about your computer.. the model number, if it is 32 bit or 64 bit and etc.

  • #12

    Geoff, wow you're good but I'm not good with computers. I don't know whether I can do that or not but I will try. Thanks.

  • #13

    If you understand which buttons do what you will have no problem in achieving success in replaying your game.

  • #14

    maybe the easy solution is to reinstall chrome?first check to see if chrome is up to date though :)

  • #15

    a worn out mouse does something similar sometimes.

  • #16

    Thanks Joe, may be I will do that change my mouse.


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