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Let's sum it up.

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    snakesbelly wrote:

    to Matthew 11 ...dude it is time to realize two things : while you are free to express any opinion you have on any forum you should not expect people to agree with you just because you believe your opinion is correct,if you are undiplomatic or out of line you WILL get trolled,man you will get trolled even if you are not ....so accept it...but also consider how much entertainment this thread has created for many people ...we salute you sir ( by 'we' I mean 'I' ).....now ....


    winerkleiner and the secret sect he belongs to....

     Lol my cover is blown.  But what are those dudes doing in the wooden boxes?  Or is that the secret? 

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    Are they playing chess?

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    Are they port-a-potties?

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    They did the slip and slide viral video on Mythbusters. That show is great.

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    Seriouly?  Six guys in the outhouses (port-a-potties) at the same time?  One big happy family I guess.

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    Lol with a little help from his friends!

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    corrijean wrote:

    It seems they calculated the trajectory a little to closely for it to be classified as "stupid."

    But it's still dumb.

     No way!  That's one of the coolest things I've seen in a long time.  It was extremely impressive.  While luck certainly played a part, those fellas had to be pretty smart.

    I don't know how you can even compare the two videos.

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    If I remember those people in the out houses were on trail for atrocitys caused in WWII ??

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    snakesbelly wrote:
    You are correct in your summation sir. There was a very good reason for using war criminals and convincts in Bowel Movement Bands ( BMBs) first of all you have a pretty nervous crowd and nervousness is very conducive to BMB tunes where one wants a wide range of tonal play,secondly they are co-operative to the extreme and will eat as much stewed prunes the night before the performance as you give them.

    Better known as The Reduce a Deuce Band or Drop a Deuce Steamer Band 

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    Must be sum reason.

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    snakesbelly wrote:

    One of my favorite sculptures depicts that scene from Greek mythology were the mythological bull kills the mythological half-bull dude using a single fart.

    Perhaps you are familiar with it ?

    Ah yes . . . I recall my mother telling me that bedtime story when I was a tot . . . 

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    Matthew11 wrote:

    Why do all my threads get trolled?

    My theory: Chess players focus so much on being serious and intelligent in their games, the forums are the recreation ground to exercise their silliness and stupidity.

    Another theory: Because trolling isn't even remotely discouraged by the moderators. 

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    The difference between trolling and spamming:

    Trolling is an attempt to cause a flame war, and relies heavily on inflamatory content.

    Spamming is the use of humor to make an otherwise foolish, boring, repetitve or useless thread more fun.

    We are spammers, not trollers.

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    htdavidht wrote:

    No that I am an expert on mitological anathomy, but that bull doesn't seams to hit any vital organ, am I rigth?

    Also I want to say that the real artist was the person who manage to get that sculpture inside that room See the size of the door? think the bull farted his way inside the room?

     I heard, now this is confidential, they use the same principal as the ship in the bottle technique.  Oh and farts rule!

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    chrisr2212 wrote:

    another theory ..... your theory is rubbish

    Well, thank you for your intelligent contribution.

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    I still don't get it; exactly where are these posts that sum up entire threads?

    I have yet to find one where this occurs.

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    benws wrote:

    I still don't get it; exactly where are these posts that sum up entire threads?

    I have yet to find one where this occurs.

     If you're right then you have summed up this thread.

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    To sum up, what is healthier, baked spam or smoked troll? 


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