Life lessons chess teaches you #1


1 Don't give up. Magnus Carlsen blundered A minor piece and still won.

2 when you get beat try try again. Quote from Francis Marion "The Swamp Fox" "We get beat, and we get up and fight again." Wait for more life lessons of chess articles plz!


happy.png True, good results tend to usually happen when you don't give up.


Chess teaches you the value of preparation. It is easier to have a plan on how to proceed against a particular opening than to try to invent something and get into unfamiliar territory.

This is good! Never give up! Chess also teaches patience.(well not bullet)

Learn to find and build more opportunities.



A trip of a thousand miles begins with a simple step. Chess teaches you to build a small advantage and then keep developing on that advantage until you are able to cash in. Slow and steady wins the race rather than looking for the quick knock out.