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Little David and the Kitten

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    The XVI  USSR Championship





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    I thought there would be a real kitten in this story.  You fooled me, I am disappoint.  I love cats.  On one occasion years ago when I was playing chess against a visitor while seated on my living room floor, my last cat dashed right over the board (all 32 pieces still on it) without knocking over a single one!  My current cat (adopted as a kitten four years ago this Sunday) likes to hop up on my desk and lie down next to my computer, blocking the cooling vent with her fur.   

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    I, too, was looking for a real kitten. Perhaps, Alekhine's cat. 

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    Or Schroedinger's. That would be a draw, I guess.

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    Neither a win nor a loss for either side.

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    Maybe whipkitten will turn up.  Hmmm where is she these days?


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