live chess


i do not understand and i am some what annoyed with live chess. first i see my game search has been accepted but i cant find it. if i find the tab then the game is aborted. why are pople allowed to waste our time like that? i can understand some one who is higher than my rating( MUCH HIGHER) to abort the game but people who abort games that are just a little higher are just cheating and time wasting if the accept a game they should play or have points deducted.  that said i wouldnt want points for not actually winning the right way but it would stop people aborting for no reason.

 on my live chess its very low now some of the games i have lost i must admit but when the conection is lost i lose points i dont think that is fair. this is a problem with and it should be fixed. i dont think its fair that my rating has been hit but this floor and as a paying customer this should be looked at and fixed ( just give me the points back for the lost conection)


one of the many reasons i dont play live chess any more. in fact i dont play chess on the web in any way shape or form. and it has helped my playing a lot. i come here to chat with friends read posts. i started playing on the web in 1999 and guess what most people complained about then. thats right losing points from disconnect. it will never change till you change how you play chess.


What browser are you using? Are you using the latest version of Chrome? Are you clearing your cookies and temp files regularly? Are you connecting from a normal (and relatively fast) connection or wi-fi etc?


 As you know Jonny, every now and then I thoroughly enjoy playing Live. I can no longer cope with being aborted game after game by people less than 100 ratings points ahead, sadly I've just stopped p;laying.

 Perhaps a solution might be to limit the range generated when one issues a challenge? On - line games have a restriction of 500 points or so, I think, maybe 100 would work in Live?