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Make up a (dumb) opening and name it!

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    Stupid game


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    The Zugzwang opening

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    EndgameStudy wrote:

    The Zugzwang opening

    Couldn't this work in theory?

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    H4 h5 g4 g5 is called the eerie opening
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    chiing chaou opening:


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    Carlsen opening

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    I always play the snake river attack with white and the snake river defense with black. LOL
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    EndgameStudy wrote:

    The Losing defense

    The Losing Defence 2.0


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    What about:


    This is a good opening, right?

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    EndgameStudy wrote:

    What about:


    This is a good opening, right?

    Yeah it's a good opening for this forum! But if you were playing a game of chess you'd be in trouble.

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    One kid on my chess team is a FIDE expert and he plays this variation

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    Wow. But I bet he would be even better if he played something else.

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    Many players have a hard time deciding whether to play the elite, super solid Nimzo-Indian or the swashbuckling King's Indian against 1.d4. I am here to argue that you can have the best of both worlds. Allow me to introduce the Spazmo-Indian Defence!


    Black's idea is to play 3.... Bb4 in order to provoke a slow, lazy Nimzo-Indian move such as 4. Qc2 or 4. e3. Black then immediately retreats his bishop to f8 and fianchettos in true KID style! As it turns out, 4. Qc2 and 4. e3 are wasted moves against our setup and Black quickly equalizes with minimal effort:



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    The Castle!!

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    The queen sac :-) - this is for black


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