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The goal of the show is to help you analyze your games - the true path to improve your chess. So write out as much of your thinking as you can in your annotations. Tell us where the game was played and the time control too. If you look up past threads you will find many fine examples of amateur players writing about their games.

Not sure how to post your game? has you covered! Just check out the video below to learn how!

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Ginarook was kind enough to start a club for the show. It is probably the right place for general questions and banter.


The time control of this game is 30 minutes.

I am playing the with white pieces

I had a major headache during this game, but I don't know if it affected me somehow.

I don't know much about openings, I have just learned from my father. 

I would highly appreciate if you could analyze my game and possibly give me an estimated rating based on this game, since I only play with my father without any time controls.  




He resigned after Be7.


My first game using Alekhine's Gun.



Played on  10 minute time controls.

Middle eventually became pawnlocked. It was looking very drawish, but my opponent had time advantage for nearly the entire game. I couldn't really see a plan with my opponent's moves behind the pawn wall. I had the feeling he was trying to win on time so I tried to break open position. My first attempt with ideas of a knight sac was prevented. But since my opponent was playing defensively, it gave me enough time to form Alekhine's gun and blow open the position.

I feel like there is a lot room for improvement for both of us in this game. Any insight would be be greatly appreciated, thanks! (Particularly on where white was vulnerable to attack, and what black could have done to capitalize and gain an advantage)


Hello, I love your game analysis videos, I hope you get a chance to look at mine!


This is from a USCF over the board tournament (yes real pieces, not digital ones) where the games were 90 minutes with a 30 second increment added each move




Thank you Jesse for your work


Here is the saddest game of my life. I hope to learn something about queen and pawn endings from this game, most importantly, how to not give up even in the face of the apparently worst setback in these endings because there are chances for perpetuals even when everything seems lost. In the game, I completely gave up after squandering a huge advantage for most of the middlegame and endgame and felt so dejected that I didn't look for a few not so difficult possibilities to get a perpetual to save the game. 

Some tips on queen and pawn endgames, and also some middlegame tips where I have noted issues in forming a plan in the Bogo-Indian middle game would be invaluable if you are able to get to it, Jesse! Thanks. 

90/40 SD30 +30"
Siddhant Nair (1942) vs Vishnu Sreekumar (1917)



I posted a game under the thread for the Jesse Kraai club. I wasn't sure whether I should post it here or there.


This is a game I played OTB as White. The time control was 75 minutes with 30 seconds added after each move. My opponent in this game was a Candidate Master.

I was comprehensively outplayed here, so feedback on the game itself as well as my analysis of what I think I did wrong would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Jesse,

I followed your advice to play slow games. I managed to find time to play 7 games over the last weeks - they take so much time! Most of these games were against very low rated players, and even though I managed to lose one due to a silly blunder, I still don't have material to submit. This was my best game of the 7.

Time control is 15/15. I had to force myself to stop and think - it was very difficult.


Great stream, Jesse, and thank you for your game analysis!

It was very instructive and pointed out many areas I could work on and improve.