Mobile Glitches


Am I the only one who loses countless games because of weird glitches on my phone? 

#1 If I touch some ones user name the info pops up blocking the board and I can't get rid of it.. I tap it over and over.. Have to reload the page ...Half the time I can't even read it anyway because most of it is cut off.

#2  Then sometimes I cant move my pieces unless I touch slightly above and to the left of the piece .. Which slows me down and causes misclicks.. Just a lost a bullet game where that happened and I almost won anyway despite these disadvantages then blundered my queen by moving it to the wrong square because of this.

#3 if i click in the chat to say something I cant get back to the game to make moves..I have tried everything.. It just acts crazy..I Have to reload by which time I am going to lose if its bullet. 

All this happens on multiple phones... Does this happen to any one else??



You’re not the only one. This app is an abysmal turd muffin.

Good to know.