Most Popular Chess Websites in the World


Here is the current list of the most popular chess websites. Hope you will find it interesting! Wink

P.S. Easy to guess who #1 is, right?

yea, I like But yes it obvious who got number 1 worldwide. "wink wink"

I really like the way you did your website, pics and articles that shows yourself in positive light and easy access to the shop while promoting chess websites without looking like annoying ads


bolshoe cbacibo vam 


Nice list...thanks


Natalia how is it possible to fit so much beauty and brains into 1 person?


I am surprised that sites like ICC, Playchess don't feature in there! Aren't those the ones where sometimes GMs play?


Do Konechno , chto vi ne videte cebia ?


@Give1take2 I've got a list with over 100 nice websites. Wink

@Frankdawg Embarassed

@vizkris and don't fit in the top-20 mainly because people don't have to visit them to play at ICC or PlayChess. They simply download a special program and launch it every time they want to play instead of proceeding to the website. And yes, you are right, these two portals have more titled players than any others.




And the basis for this list is?

NimzoRoy wrote:

And the basis for this list is?

As it says, Alexa rankings.


Some great resources here, several of which I never knew about - thanks!

Personally, I also regularly visit Chessbase and Chess Vibes for news, and sometimes Chess Cafe (not on the top list).  I used to frequent Mig's blog Chess Ninja, but he doesn't always keep it current anymore.


WinkThank you very much, Natalia!  SmileI really do appreciate it!  -  ChessPaladin2009Cool 


Surprising to see gameknot, which is the worst in the list imo, on such a high rank, and chessvibes, which is probably the best chess news source at the moment, so low.


@Natalia: Thanks. Your explanation makes perfect sense. When I was browsing playchess it asked me to download an application :)

@Fezzik: Thank you too for the additional info!


Also, the sites ranking next are either correspondence only or database sites ( 

Champion1er wrote:

  All these sites are very good chess sites,.. but I like only this site,

I think it is the best chess site,.. yeahhh :))


You seem to have made your mind up in only a few hours, with zero games played.


Thanks for the hard-won information.


gameknot has IMO extremely well designed playing layout.

The conditional moves are very good. And in the puzzles computer plays various moves, not only a single default line as in some other sites.

Fezzik wrote:

(How often do you think David Pruess gets comments about his combination of physical beauty and brains?)

Not often enough.

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