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I have a rating of about 1100. My online rating is quite overated. I have this problem i have been on for 6 months. But I cannot seem to crack past the 1300 mark i only play 15/10 games so i dont really blunder except for my mouse dropping short ocassionally. I am coming up to my first individual OTB tournament and was wondering how I could improve being only 13 I have plenty of time but I want to improve no matter what it takes my goal is 1500 by next christmas. 

Any help would be greatly appreciatedLaughing


Read one or more of the following (if possible)

"Common Sense In Chess" by Dr Lasker

"My Chess Career" and "Chess Fundamentals" by JRR Capablanca

"Logical Chess Move by Move" and "The Most Instructive Games of Chess Ever Played" both by Irving Chernev

1000 Checkmates and 1000 Winning Combinations both by Fred Reinfleld.

Start doing the Tactics Trainer here 3x/wk and in between start reading beginners articles I'm sure there's tons of 'em here.

Check out my endgame blogs start with K+P vs K and work your way up


study tactics man, pin, skewers, forks etc,  build your combinations, opening study as well, practice is everything !!!


I wouldn't start seriously reading chess books.

Do TACTICS, that's probably most important. Do the 3 daily tactics in tactics trainer here on and find as many problems as you can online.

Then do a BIT of opening study. Just decide what openings you are going to play and STICK WITH THEM. I'd recommend Evans' gambit for you since you seem to like the Italian game. And do a bit of research on every other move your opponent can play against 1e4. Then pick an opening as black against e4 and one against d4.

You don't really need endgame knowledge yet since 90% of your games will end with tactics. So your time is better spent training tactics.

So tactics and a very basic opening knowledge seems like the way to go imo


thank you vivinsku i think i like the Italian Game: Evans Gambit, MacDonnell Defense Main Line also i struggle against d4 what is the best defense to it. Yes i do the maximum amount of tacticts every day and i actually made another acount just for tactics.Sealed shhh


I would start reading one chess book at a time - spending 20-30 minutes/day in doing so is far from the worst way to try improving your game.

You really DO need endgame knowledge because many endgame principles apply to middlegames and even openings! Read this blog and all the comments it won't take too much time to do so


Definetly solve chess tactics problem. But also study some endgame concepts like opposition, lucena, philidor, vancura and bishop vs knight and bishop pair endgames.Study typical plans on middle games and structures also.. I suggest you buy 3 books namely Chess Tactics for Champion, Winning Chess Endgame and Winning Chess Strategy. If you study well these 3 books, in time there is no reason on why you will not increase your playing strength. In fact I believe these 3 books alone can make you 1900


The thing is if you only do chess tactics as your chess study, in many positions you will not know what to do if you can't find a tactic. It could lead you playing a weak move that is bad for your position.