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    Does this checkmate have a special name, or is it just a back rank mate?

    A friend of mine once said that after 2... Rf8 3. Bxg8 Rxe8, black's rook had free range to harrass white's king.  :-p

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    Not named AFAIK.

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    looks like a type of back rank mate. I don't think the specific pattern with a pinned rook has a name.

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    I agree with Borg Santa.  I just checked my Silman Complete Book of Chess Strategy, which lists fourteen "named" mates, but didn't see that one.  What your position/mate is closest to is "Morphy's Mate," but that involves a direct check from the bishop on the a2-g7 diagonal.

    If it hasn't been named yet, maybe you can name it.  Something catchy, like the "Prelate Piledriver" perhaps...



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    Call it a "Clever Cavalier's Mate". Cool

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    Or just "Cavalier's Mate" ?!

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    "Cavalier's Mate" sounds acceptable as well. But not with the sign "?!" for a dubious move. Wink

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    Positions where one or more squares on the 7th rank are controlled are sometimes called "artificial back ranks."

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    Well, seeing how it's an old, common checkmate, Cavalier's Mate doesn't work.  Another problem is the lack of a knight!

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    Yeah, I think you'd have to find the first game where this kind of mate was delivered and name it after the deliverer! 

    I think it was me.


    It was me.


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    Won't argue.  I know better than to resist.

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    Hehe... "Borg's Mate" :-D

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    It is a forced mate, so I can dig the name.

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    I have won with it a few times ^_^


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