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Nine queens

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    Is it REALLY possible, even if both players work together, to get nine queens for one side making leagal moves (albeit some pretty bad ones)? Think about it.

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    yeah, game to follow

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    9 queens, easy, 10 queens, and it starts getting tough
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    haha, I would too, but that's impssible

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    i won't accept reasonable arguements, i just want the game

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    tony, it's possible, but shh!, i want to see someone do it

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    okay, fine, I'll work on it sheesh. not doing anythign else anyways..

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    ^white to mate in 1

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    Hey psyduck, That was damn cool! Thanks.

    tonydoll: those undies are still too tight

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         As you can see in this game from the Franggilgamesh tournament on stardate 47853.87 between the hypergalactic grandmasters Sftaldt and pssiptox white has a slight material advantage of 9 queens and a bishop to only 8 queens and a pawn(rawn) for black. pssiptox had no other recourse than to commit ceremonial suicide(resign) which, analyst say, could have been avoided if it were not for his blunder on move 35...e4. Instead of the regular continuation 35...e3.

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    well done psyduck :))

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    you can get nine queens for black too from that position.


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    ohh, i forgot that last pawn, you're right

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    lol nice psyduck Innocent

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    But I don't think that ever happened in a real game xD

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    Honolulu147 wrote:

    But I don't think that ever happened in a real game xD

    Yes it did.

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    @Paradox: Actually, I'm pretty sure Kasparov resigned on move 67, as he was a whole Queen down.

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    @duck: My point exactly. Kasparov easily saw the forced mate. He called the game "one of my most embarassing defeats."

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