no more rematch or chat

So this past week, I wanted to be anti social and generous, so I enabled my chat and began to rematch more often.

It started off fine then today, I had a guy curse at me after rage quitting because I made a good move and another guy call me “poor coward” for not accepting his 3rd rematch request for the 5th game.

Now their behavior didn’t bother me because I love talking trash but what bothers me is that chess support staff decided to mute me because of my behavior even though I was responding to the other players bad behavior.

So now I’m back on Team No Rematch and Team No Chat because what’s the point of having chat if I can’t talk trash to trash talkers.

End of rant.

Hmm. Sorry to hear that you had a bad experience.


GroinfeldOpening wrote:
The muting logic is flawed
They spend more time muting Simple offenses than looking for the real aggressors

Reporting by other members leads to most of the mutings.


The "no chat" is sneaky. On my phone, it doesn't show an opponent as "no chat" until after the match has started. I'd rather avoid those people, as they're often stallers.

He called you a "poor coward" and yet he forgot to ask what kind of car you drive