No Points For Win


Today I won a game. 

My rating is 1287, opponent was about 1265.   40 moves into the game he resigned.  

My score remained at 1287. 

I've played this guy before and never seen this problem before.

I did exchange holiday greetings with him towards the end of the game because we've played so many games this year.  I wonder if the chat feature used after the game is over screws up the scoring?

Game was not called "unrated" or "unranked" or anything like what you'd see with a new player.  

Please explain?


The game was unrated. Check it on the Details page (I just did).


This game?

It actually IS unrated.


I accidentally created a couple of unrated games recently.  In the past, the "Rated" option defaulted to "Yes", but now it defaults to "No" (at least for me).  If you created the games, perhaps something similar happened.  Didn't matter.  I enjoyed the unrated games as much as the rated.  I might do it (on purpose) more often.


Thanks guys - my mistake (twice) - first by creating an unranked game and then not realizing that I had done so.

Thanks for setting me straight.