Pirates and chess


Question: are pirates better than regular people at chess?  I think their cutthroat nature may allow them to attack with much greater abandon, but they probably miss mating threats when they have an opportunity to grab booty on the other side of the board.  What do you think?


Their board vision is only half as good.


I think that they cheat. The parrot feeds them moves and has MCO memorized.  


In blitz they have an advantage as the language of the same hand move clock rule leaves a loophole for hooks lol.


They bury their treasure on pawn islands.


I imagine that there are fewer "regular people" than there are "pirates", so pirates are better now. But in the future...skip it, there is no future.


I thought this thread was about pilates and chess.


thats funny i thought it was all about rum and wenches, but what do i know


be all about rum an chess, wenches, chests and wenches chests. and as for parrots, as for parrots, ooh arrg as for parrots... stuff em, says i. aye, says i


Blackbeard was a great chess player, just ask Batgirl.


Ninjas...ninjas... rule chess


Pirates are known to prefer Xiangqi, as they get to use cannons.


Y'all don't even want to know what Bluebeard had hidden in that room.

The only chess player that ever peeked was Alekhine.


In my professional pirate chess player evaluator's opinion (I have a degree), I suspect that the winner would often be characterized by being less inebriated than his counterpart. Much "rum" intended, to those who like to drink. If this wasn't the case then it probably had to do with more subtle things like, whether one thought his opponent and audience would notice his magic bishop that was able to mysteriously change colors during the end game( it is really cool what you can learn from watching pirates play chess).


The Pirates just haven't been the same, since they left Three Rivers Stadium.



Pirates have the edge because if you beat them they make you walk the plank

ivandh wrote:Their board vision is only half as good.

waffllemaster wrote:In blitz they have an advantage as the language of the same hand move clock rule leaves a loophole for hooks lol.

Here_Is_Plenty wrote:They bury their treasure on pawn islands.

All gold :-)



A pirate walks walks into a bar. A young lady asks how he got his hook and eye patch.

"Harr," the pirate says, "I got me hook when we was in a gun battle with another ship. Cannon ball blew me hand clean off!"

"Wow!" says the young lady, "how did you get the eye patch?"

"Harrrrrrr," says the pirate, "a bird crapped in me eye."

"Well, that shouldn't cause you to be blind," says the young lady.

"Shiver me timbers," says the pirate, "it was the day after I got me hook!"


a truely deep philosophical question

A pirate going into battle tells his mate "bring me me red shirt"

"why's that cap'n" the mate asks

"so if i get shot or stabbed, no one will see me bleeding and the crew will keep fighting"

wow thats a great idea thinks the mate, and a week later as the ship rounds an island they see 3 huge bristish ships of the line- dozens of cannons, hundreds of sailors so the mate, shaking in his boots asks" cap'n, shall i fetch your red shirt"

the captain sys slowly " no, son, get me me brown pants"

as so i vote for the pirate as the better player