Positional chess


Forgetting about dictionary definitions, what does positional chess mean to you?

For me, personally, it means applying pressure.

Moving pieces where they work best. Ie: rooks connected on open files, knights near center, bishops on long open diagonals, king behind a pawn structure.

It means selecting the move that the position demands, rather than pursuing some arbitrary plan.


Agreed with the above two. It is no coincidence that Aagaard's natural sequel to Positional Play was 'Strategic Play'. Strategy and positional chess go together.


good question. Applying pressure to a specific strategic point


pawn structures


Shouldnt you be telling us? I mean considering your sudden rise in rating. All of a sudden you dispatch an NM with ease, playing 2 secs a move with .12 deviation from SF. There was that one move SF9 disagreed with at a higher depth for about 6-20 centipawns. Clearly, whatever you are doing that gives 300 pts rise in one week is quite impressive enough.

Here is your one year graph.

All in all you should be teaching us how to go from 1300 to over 2000 in one year...or 1300 to 1850 in one month. Nice move from 1500 to 2000 in June!



yeah, I was also wondering about the phenominal rise in ratings. 


Tactical play is what you do when there's something to do.

Positional play is what you do when there's nothing to do.


Positional play is all about activating your pieces and putting them on nice squares so that they might later find some tactical opportunities.


Now you get an idea of the OP's ability:

Daily 1045


IMBacon wrote:

Now you get an idea of the OP's ability:

Daily 1045


The daily rating is absolutely useless.Blitz and rapid has some value, but sometimes they can't be very accurate.



Positional chess is aimed at playing for an advantage by placing you pieces in optimal squares where they are safe. coordinated and useful at the same time.  But modern chess in this computer era is showing players that playing positional chess without deep calculation of tactical nuances in the position is not a good idea.  Nowadays is better to play for the initiative by finding tactical forcing moves one after another.