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Promoting pawns when you are ahead in material...Rude?

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    this can be stopped easily by resigning !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Reb wrote:
    ozzie_c_cobblepot wrote:
    Reb, in the unspoken poker game of chess etiquette then, multiple under promotion is like "raise!"

    I agree ..... maybe chess needs a doubling cube like backgammon has in order to make some people resign when they should OR maybe lose twice the rating points when you " double" ?  

    Actually... Fritz told me the other day he wanted to double... including a pop-up window... Needless to say, it didn't end very well for me Cry

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    So I got that opponent that refuses to resign today. I took the opportunity to test my skills in avoiding stalemate by promoting every pawn I had left with only ten seconds remaining on my clock. It was actually quite the fun little exercise!

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    @FirebrandX nice game!

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    ROFL FireBrandX ^_^

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    I actually think I have to take my hat off to you Firebrand. You managed all of that and didn't accidentally draw. I have no clue why your opponent wouldn't resign, other than maybe to bother you. I guess I might have gotten some bishops and knights too, to practice my mating net skills on a king with no protection.

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    A rather amusing game in a similar vein was posted a few months ago to start the thread below - Firebrand's game brought it to mind:


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    lol@--a I saw a posted game with 5 knights givng checkmate!

    seriously, if someone is getting offended that you are over-promoting to mate them then they should have resigned 5 moves ago.

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    Shadowknight911 wrote:

    at a scholastic state championship event last year, one of my friends, a 3rd grader rated about 1800 at the time, played a first round game against a 900 player and decided to promote all his remaining pawns.  5 queens plus a rook against the king.  A tournament director admonished him afterwards for not mating his opponent while it was simply 1 queen and rook. 

    Had I been there, I'd have admonished that tournament director for telling a kid how he should play his pieces. That's none of his f---ing business. Nowhere in the USCF rules book for TDs does it say they can reprimand chess moves.

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    Its more rude to continue playing in an inevitable lost position ....so promote and make them pay

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    Once my opponent didn't resign and started fishing for a stalemate ... he quickly changed his mind when I started setting up a pawn mate instead :)

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    some people needs to know when to give up.

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    chrisr2212 wrote:

    you people don't know the meaning of the word "manners", or how to respect a beginner

    It seems you are too butthurt from being humiliated in this fashion ...

    Did you play against Firebrand by any chance? :D


    And by the way, noone does this to a beginner ... You can easily tell the difference between a beginner and a person who is counting on your stupidity to hustle the half point that he does not deserve...

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    This a game where my opponent could have easily won, but decided to promote a pawn.

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    chessblood wrote:

    This a game where my opponent could have easily won, but decided to promote a pawn.

    No, it's a game where he blundered the win on the last move with Qa1

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    Follows the rules, hence cannot be rude.

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    Well, I think that you should'nt totally leave the pawns to rot. make sure that they can promote if you need to, but if you just run 'em up the board and promote, then you have more chance of drawing. believe me, i've lost a good deal of points that way.

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    there is no "rude" in chess - it's your job to push your advantage.

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    Promoting a million pawns is just as rude as the the guy not resigning. One would not have to happen if the other didin't. If you don't understand that you are lost then you can't know if If I do or do not need more material to mate you.


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