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Question about ECO Code listing.

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    Rick56 wrote:

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    @Nimzo - I said to post links in case no one wanted to answer, I guess I wasn't sure if it was a stupid question. When I googled it I got lists of ECO code openings - and still wondered why it stopped at 500. I do alot of research over the net, and have no problems with SE's, try googling: Why does ECO Codes stop at 500 - maybe not for you, but I get absolutely nothing with useful information.

    @Shepi- No, Alekhine is the most greatest, awesomest ever!

    Alekhine may be the greatest, awesomest ever!, but I believe the question was who is the Bestest Greatestest Most Awesomest ever!?

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    rooperi wrote:

    THe ECO classification is a little cumbersome. Maybe it's time to design something a little more streamlined.

    I think F's might be added if some currently unorthodox openings develop enough theory?

    Rooperi take another look at what the 'A' codes cover. 

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    What do you propose?  A system based upon pawn structure after 6 moves?  Numeric hash value based upon the position?    Maybe something like soundex but for chess positions, where similarity to other known values determines the number along with a degree of deviation?  Anyone have an idea?  Nobody likes ECO, but no one has proposed a better system.

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    Leufer wrote:

      Nobody likes ECO, ...

    I do.

    It is clear and logical.

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    Ziryab wrote:
    Leufer wrote:

      Nobody likes ECO, ...

    I do.

    It is clear and logical.


    Also, it is comprehensive.


    The only classification I can think of with any ambiguity at all is the Catalan (E00 - E09), which is essentially a "D" opening which arises normally out of the 1 ...Nf6 & 2 ...e6 move order.  But wherever it was placed would be a bit out of place.

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    I think it would be better to classify openings based on their inherent pawn structure. I think it would make it easier to learn new openings.

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    Chess is a search for truth, not a quest for helping beginners. The ECO system, as designed, facilitates the search for truth.

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    I'm creating a blog about chess and tech. I just added a post about ECO codes. I'm going to be creating one on searching databases for key information. Let me know what you think of the ECO post. https://chesstech.wordpress.com/2017/09/04/eco-encyclopedia-of-chess-openings/



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