It seems I've been stuck within a certain rating bracket. Im sure this is the case for some of you. I just wanted to discuss the issue of whether or not the consistency with which you gain wins and losses says something about your overall rating, and how good you are. As we are all trying to improve, i thought I would get some insights into this. Personally, I get about as much losses as i do wins, which is why this happens.

How about you? what are your consistency levels? do you think we all have a certain "rating bracket?" im sure we do.

(Although, ratings dont mean a lot to me, but for the love of the game I play. Yet, because im on this system, i feel the urge to constantly fight for higher ratings.

All comments are welcome.

*oh yes, this is my first post on here. please be nice.* i dont really hang around in the forums area lol*


I looked at one of your games too, you could easily move up to a higher rating bracket by studying tactics (Probably true for all of us). Don't leave pieces hanging, take free pieces when they're there, etc, if you can eliminate these simple errors and take advantage of when your opponent commits them, you should be at least 1200+


Yes i reckon you could improve with some effort in the right places. Your at a level that u can still gain so much. I believe that most people who start playing chess will at there peak only get between 1400-1800 national ratings, some may even get to 2000 but no further. Which here on chess.com would be about 1800-2200 i would guess at. Im only guessing this though, but seems about right due to family and other commitments which take up there time or become a greater priority in there lives.


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