Re: Don't block people for minor reasons


Just had to post this because of the irony...

Chess4001 wrote (in another thread):

Blocking a member is extremely serious. If that does happen and you block someone for an extremely minor reason, then STOP! If you block someone that person will be lost from view forever at and who knows if he/she is actually a nice and helpful member.Only block people who are seriously rude or mean.

Now I was blocked from replying to that. a month or two a go I think he lost on time in a 1-minute game against me where he was winning on material, anyway it must have annoyed him and he blocked me. We didn't even talk to each other 


I would never consider blocking any one here because its just on the internet,  should not let it bother you, but now my next door neighbor thats another story, would like to shut him up with duct tape.Sealed


Block 'em all.  Wouldn't want to risk being told something you don't want to hear!


What goes around comes around.