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recommending players to players

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    I searched the forum, but didn't find an answer.

    I'm playing against two players, both better than me.  I win 1 out of 5 games against each (15 loses, 3 wins) or something like that.  Both are real nice players, polite, friendly.  They are rated about the same, equal high wins, equal high scores, equal current scores.

    I think they may like playing against each other, but is it correct to suggest to them they may like playing, or is that not the thing to do here at chess.com?

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    I feel that is a great idea, and  interesting games to watch! And a nice way to meet other players! Nothing wrong with thatSmile Oh it rewarding when you meet and play against courteous, and friendly opponents. That is what real chess players are like!! Almost all stronger players I have met in real life were always helpful to improve my game.

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    Mate searching -- I love it!

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    Thats how i met my wife, she only knew how to move the pieces. lolo I fell in love instantly!

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    Ok GhostNight, I agree and will inform them of each other.  Both have helped me learn from a weak 1200 player to pushing 1400, offering advise along the way.

    And great sense of humor Elubas!

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    Much later:....  Both players really like playing against each other, we chat about all the games during our indivdual games. 


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