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    Does your personal way of life at present reflects in your chess style & results as well?

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    nope.  I don't take chess nearly that seriously. :)

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    I'm sure one's current life conditions have a direct impact upon how you play, whether the effect is intended or not. E.g. you might play very differently under a lot of stress from work than you would on an extended carefree holiday.

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    chickenfried wrote:

    nope.  I don't take chess nearly that seriously. :)

    I respect that chickenfried,but I bet you will agree with me that when we all are happy we play better! Cool

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    I beleive that what you said is partly true... our way of life  reflects in our chess style...but not in the results.

    When we are happy we play better ???? Undecided Not really sure about that!!!

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    Ah, the May tricks.


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