If you're running Windows, there is a free version of Chessbase . Better than Scid imo.

s8tn wrote:

If you're running Windows, there is a free version of Chessbase . Better than Scid imo.

From what I remember, the Chessbase "freebies" are always feature-crippled in various ways. If you're good with that, then OK.


@EscherrhcsE It does everything I need and more from a database management software. Good enough for me. 


It is a READER. 

Squizzer 11/17/2017 09:54
Hi, is there anybody else having problems with ChessBase Reader 2017? I installed it two days ago having uninstalled my trusty ChessBase Reader 12. I checked and confirmed that all my stored Fritz Trainer downloads worked so all seemed good. But then I purchased and downloaded Powerplay 25 by Daniel King. The problem was it would not activate properly - Daniel King spoke but the chess board did not play. It had said Activation successful but this was clearly not the case. It went round and round in a loop asking me to reactivate it with the code. I got in touch with Chessbase and they suggested a session with their technician on Team Viewer. The technician spent ages trying this and that, uninstalling ChessBase Reader 2017 and reinstalling it, but no good. As a gesture of goodwill they then offered me a free download of a Fritz trainer by Robert Ris. I nervously downloaded it. I inserted the activation code but again it failed in that it kept saying "wait for a few minutes" . ChessBase Reader 2017 is very recent. My question to the chess community is there anyone else having the kind of problems I describe? or does some technical wizz have any idea about the cause of my problem and how to fix it.
sjhsjh 10/27/2017 02:20
Hi, interested in being able to watch Fritztrainer content on my ipad - there is reference to IoS above?
LachesisLachesis 10/27/2017 12:42
Excellent news. Glad the free Chessbase Reader was updated.