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Selfie or not to selfie

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    'word of the year' ? seriously, lmao.

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    Yes I've seen alot of the 'selfies' here in the Photos section.

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    We invent the bloody thing. Cool

    "Selfie can actually be traced back to 2002 when it was used in an Australian online forum.  The word gained momentum throughout the English-speaking world in 2013 as it evolved from a social media buzzword to mainstream shorthand for a self-portrait photograph"

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    kco wrote:

    We invent the bloody thing.

    Well now the world hates you for that and has voted to banish the word.  It even got more votes for being banned than "twerk".

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    I wonder what the new word gonna be for this year.

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    There was a cartoon that showed Selfie as the 8th dwarf.

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    kco wrote:
    MrDamonSmith wrote:

    I've never heard the term selfie before. But anyway, there's no problem mentioning you're a girl, I'm not sure it gives an advantage either. Some idiots may treat you different but that's life in general, not just chessplayers.

    me too I never heard of it, where did that word come from anyone ?

    You think thats bad I just found out this week what "photo-bombing" meant.

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    Cystem_Phailure wrote:

    There was a cartoon that showed Selfie as the 8th dwarf.

    Oh, that's good. Did the cartoon make you laugh as much as your post made me laugh?

    (if so, I gotta see it)

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    Observing some of the behavior of folks here, I've noticed females with selfies as their avatars get a lot of "unnecessary attention"... Meaning you get a lot of desperate males (both teen and adult) trying to hit on you. If that is something you wish to avoid then stick to cool looking avatars, something humorous, or something chess related.

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    I'm changing to a female avatar... i need all the attention I can get 


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    Are you kidding, who would use a hockey pic avat...

    oh wait...


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    Still in rate the avi mode from another forum.

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    Ok... i'm here .... hit on me guys (or girls Tongue Out)

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    Photo bombing... sighhh.....  Well let me climb out from under this rock. I guess I need to hang out on the web more. No!! Can't do that, gotta get some work done, there's actually a world out there to experience. I shouldn't be here now, just decided to check in here during lunch & I'm spending too much time as it is. See ya'll later. Maybe I'll take a selfie of me working today when I get back there.

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