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sell itlfama chess

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    Hello to all,

    I sell my collection of chess Italfama. They are all beautiful pieces created by hand. I sell them at around 60/70% ofreal value. If anyone is interested can write to me at [email protected] for details and pictures.



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    Maybe pictures here would be a good idea?!  I have no idea what you are referring to.

    What are they and what are they worth??

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    This is a pitcture of my collection....for the entire set write me if intrested.


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    And what are you asking for them?

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    This set, napoleon set, costs about 220 euro. I ask for them 140 euro plus shipping. 

    Here other types of my collection.

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    Are they all the same price?

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    No, the first 110 euro, the second 180 euro and the third 240 euro.

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    Really nice sets.

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    Thnaks...i've a great collection....250 sets. Smile

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    what does italfama mean?

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    Other pics

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    My fave is the Napoleon set (first picture), but right now I'm also near a "fiscal cliff"  (like my wonderful govt) that prevents me from being able to purchase it.

    Might I suggest you repost these pix with something else in them to give potential buyers a rough idea of how big (or small) these sets are?

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    napoleon, first picture are from 6,5 to 8 Centimetres.

    Second picture, lanzichenecchi, from 5 to 9 Centimetres.

    Third picture, maria stuarda, from 6 to 10 centrimetres.

    Fourth picture from 4 to 9 centimetres.

    The other napoleon set from 9 to 11 centimetres and the last from 6 to 9 centimetres.


    Bye all


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