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    I've recently had a few games similar to this where I misevaluated what was going on.

    The game below is made up by me, but it's similar.


    Show this to any person below 2300 and

    1) Tell them white screwed up the opening (which is true).
    2) Ask them which move(s) of black let the advantage disappear by move 28.

    No engines to cheat of course. Ask them in person. I'm guessing nearly no one untitled gets it correct.




     Just for reference, the actual ponziani opening goes like this


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    Regarding the Ponziani 1st diagram] the 4th move 4. exd5? is a big mistake by White.

    Regarding your 2nd diagram  4. Bb5? is a big mistake by White.

    4. Qa4 should lead to a draw with best play by both sides.

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    Yeah, white definitely screwed up the opening in the first diagram.

    In the 2nd one, I thought Bb5 by white is supposed to be fine...

    I mean, I've seen some lines the engine gives as very good for black, but I'd almost certainly screw it up over the board if I were black.

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    My best chess tip is don't play chess if you're Luitpoldt.

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    Bump # 2
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    Two common defensive patterns for bishop sac



    But there's a tricky move worth knowing here...


    And now the 2nd defensive idea


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    Catching a pawn on the 6th/3rd patterns to know.

    In the diagram below, try as it might, the knight can't stop the pawn.



    Think of it like a long L behind the pawn... like a normal knight move, but stretched out 1 extra square.

    Why? Because it will help you remember on which square the knight can't catch the pawn.

    Black to move can't stop the pawn on any of these squares.


    Now for a rook


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    A mate pattern that might be useful for blitz games...



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    good stuff!

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    A very dangerous mobile pawn+rook formation, and a tip for how you might stop it.


    And now how you might stop it.


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    AntonioEsfandiari wrote:

    good stuff!

    Thanks happy.png

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    Double-check semi-smothered mate is neat.



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    Reggie_da_Great wrote:

    But @ponz111, after cxb7+ the queen can take the free bishop. Please correct the position thank you

    If after cxb7ch the queen takes the "free bishop" then White plays

    bxa8=Q   White gets a rook and queen for that "free bishop"

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    Just a tip.  It's probably not going to hurt you, and it might even be good. 

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    chess_is_9ay wrote:

    If you are under 2000 rating, consider quitting chess to save yourself some time and pursue a more useful inferest. If you are over 2000, reflect on the precious time you wasted studying a children's board game.

    Chess is more of a discipline than a game.  Chess is good for many aspects of mental health but an obsession with chess may be unhealthy unless you are a chess professional.    What game(s) do you suggest that are better for us or are you against all games in general?

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    at 2000+ you are too weak to be content but too strong to walk away.


    anyway, my tip is. Know when to play hot potato, a lot of times, a position is perfectly happy to stay the way it is, and keep the tension it has. allow your opponent to land on the falling knife by having to make the decisive move. at below 2000, players are their worse enemy because they dont know to hold. A master's wisdom often comes from knowing when to stand still and allow your opponent to make errors for you.

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    great thread bump


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