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    none !

  • #22

    Of course!

    Premoves are an integral part to my time trouble song:

    Low on time, low on time,

    Premove all the way.

    Oh! what fun it is to ride on the increment all day

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    eglun wrote:

    yes please chess.com need it!

    ?? chess.com already has them, i use them for weeks. all you have to do is to select this option in your settings.

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    yea we do need it !

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    I think it should be more readily available in the android or iOS apps. 

    I often use them via the desktop/internet/online www.chess.com, especially when  pretty sure what move will be  made, some cases, forced, and I will not be able to make another move as quickly as normal.  It is annoying to only have the option of one condition pre-move for non subscribers , especially when other large chess sites such as GameKnot.com offer plenty. GK are HTML 5 internet browser based and there will never be any offerings of an app like chess.com. 

    Kudos to chess.com for that!!


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