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Simple basic chessboard for following instruction.

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    If you decide to try Arena for free moving pieces, you'll need to go to: Options --> Appearance --> Other settings --> Chess (tab) --> Check legality (just uncheck this box)

    Also, to prevent the engine from moving for its side, you'll need to activate the Edit button on the navigation bar.

    And if you want to close some of the unnecessary windows, right-click your mouse on the chessboard to bring up the context sensitive menu, and uncheck stuff like "Show analysis area", "Show Clocks and Logos", etc.

    I'm also glad you found your chess set!

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    Download Chess Free App from google play store.. u vl get wat u wnt...

    play human vs human match in it....

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    What about the "Game Editor" here on Chess.com?

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    Thanks for all the help everyone. You're such a nice group. If only you all could be so kind and helpful when I am trying to win chess games against you.Tongue Out


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