Skill levels of opponents on weekends versus weekedays


Is it just me, or does it seem like matches are tougher on weekends than weekdays? So much so, I now avoid playing on weekends and play on the weekday mornings so I can play the "apple sauce" matches, referring to each end of the age spectrum.  Additionally, some people in winning positions resign/abandon abruptly, possibly because either their  public transportation just showed up or their boss just asked them how that report was going.

I'm looking for any sort of an advantage to get my meager 751 rating up another point :-)

Don't tell me I'm over-thinking this. I KNOW I'm over-thinking this!

I've been playing on my wife's account lately (on weekends) since she just does puzzles and bots and doesn't care about her rating.



Focus on your own mistakes, not on the opponent.


Well first off, you cant have 2 accounts so close one if you want to keep playing here. I dont think it matters when you play, i suck on weekdays after doing back breaking work for 9 hours i dont have the mental alertness to play my streangth, on the flip side you may face kids during the week who just study chess for 16 hours a day and get clobberd. For me, if i want to win i just avoid playing in the morning. I cant control who i play i just control how i play.