someone explain..hey this is easy for most of you


what are the different type games available on bullet, etc, etc. will someone list them and describe them? tanks to all. tanks again.


You have Turn-based games (1-10 days per move), also called Correspondence Chess.

Then you have Standard (G/30 or greater), Rapid (G/15-29), Blitz (G/5-14), Lightning or Bullet (G/1-4).

You can also play with incremental time added; that is, after each move, the computer adds a certain amount of seconds (usually 2-15 seconds per move).

You can set times to custom fit your level of play as well.

As to long games (G/60-120 mins.), i am not certain if they have it here or if you have to set the parameters as well for this.

Hopefully this helps. Please do not quote me on the times associated with each class of games as I typically stick to 10 mins or turn-based games but this will give you a good idea of how things work around here.

Good luck at whichever time control you play.


I think vengence is correct for the most part, there's just no Rapid, Standard begins at what he posted rapid


Thx Vivinski. I could have sworn that they had a rapid Tourney was only reason I posted that entry but then again they might not have a rapid section. Perhaps the USCF site or FIDE site might be a good place to find the benchmarks for time controls as well.


thanks to both of you


I play all time controls. 

I usually have 50 to 100 turn based games running at any given time.

When I give simuls I use standard (exact control depends on number of participants and their strength)

I play blitz games for demonstrations and when I'm feeling lethargic. 

Normally I play a lot of 1 minute games which are what I love the most. 


The increments also make a difference - 10 | 0 is still Blitz, but 10 | 10 counts as Standard.


What he said. 


I kind of thought that would be the case as the incremental periods cannot really be considered as part of a Blitz system since one of the ways to win outright is to falg on time.