Stalling / Abandoning Games


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I have been using for about 18 months now having come into playing chess late in life so still learning as I go along and I really like playing the 3 minute games... in fact I probably play these far too much during the day!

I am quite happy to lose and and learn and play to the bitter end even if I know I am going to lose.

However,   one thing that really bugs me is when opponents  stall or abandon games when they clearly losing. And it only happens when they are losing because it never happens when they are winning!  

What I would like to know is what happens when players are reported each time?  Is there some type of algorithm that picks the consistent offenders  up?

Andrew Peters UK


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Report them and they will be taken care of


It happens quite a bit. I know the feeling. My opponent stalled for 5 1/2 minutes.


I played a game today where my opponent began to harass me, asking me repeatedly why I play so fast. I was annoyed and in a completely lost position I began to do what he said and played two moves in 15 minutes, he didn’t see his time running out so it was a draw. King alone versus king, rook and a lot of pawns. I really should not allow chat, as often people began trolling. I hate people stalking, but today I had to do what I did.

There's a sportmanship policy that bans players for doing that, you don't need to report them


To carry this thread on.  It seems that there are now more people abandoning games rather than resigning, at least at my level (very low).  Just noticed this in the last week or so.  Have I just been unlucky or has anyone else noticed this?



 Sir Andrew Peters UK - every gent is disgusted at blimey quitters. Tally ho, it's a raw deal I say. But reporting them?  C'mon ole chap, where's that stiff upper lip?  Bloody hell, put on your big boy knickers.  Spit spot, chip chap.


People will always do stuff like stalling and abandoning. Just find something to do while the clock runs down.


Well Snookslayer... Judging by your response you are probably one of them..


andyp85 wrote:

Well Snookslayer... Judging by your response you are probably one of them..

Oh c'mon, I thought Englishmen had a sense of humor. After all, yall do have Nigel Short.

There is nothing wrong or against the rules concerning stalling or abandoning games. A stressed opponent in a real world chess game could do the same. What matters is that this isn’t a trick they use to somehow win. It shows you are impatient. In fact some players who are losing may realize the opponent is frustrated because he thinks he is winning and his opponent isn’t resigning. They may use that to provoke a blunder from the winning player exactly for the reason you describe being frustrated.

It doesn't bother me much if an opponent wants to play out a lost game even if they take their time doing it, but the punks (after they realize they are lost) who just let the clock run down aren't doing anything but demonstrating their weakness of character.  They lack the guts to resign.

Whenever this happens, I just start playing Tetris. It’s completely foolproof.

Stealing is one of the reasons why I am reluctant to play long games.