Stop being a big baby, Mangus


Here's all the definitive evidence that Hans was cheating, and there's quite a lot :- Naught, Zilch, Nil, Zero, Nix, Zip, Null, Absolutely nothin', Goose egg, Nought, Zippo, No chance, Diddly-squat, None, O.



I also wanna add that Niemann seems to be very disingenuous and inconsistent when trying to tell the truth. His interview where he's trying to defend himself was caught with so many inconsistencies. Now I'm not saying he's a liar but I will say that good cheaters are not only good at cheating, they're also good at lying. 


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He gets beat by a gm, then he starts cheating accusations. Why the hell was Mangus in that tornament if no one can beat him? Hans had a good game, that is all.


You wanna know how good Magnus Carlsen is? He threw a game with Hans, absolutely resigns on move 2, and STILL won the tournament. Can you imagine, making a statement like that by resigning one game, then winning 4 and a half games and coming in at number 1. Yes that's how good Magnus Carlsen is. 


Now let me tell you how "good" Hans Niemann is. 

There are 20 possible arrangement of moves on the first move, 400 on the second, and 8,902 on the 3rd move. By the time you hit 15 moves, there are over 2 sextillion combinations (2,015,099,950,053,364,471,960 to be exact). The fact that Hans Niemann had 100% correlation to a computer analysis after 45 moves is pretty shocking.


What's even more crazy is that Hans has 10 games with 100% accuracy correlation. To put that in perspective, Magnus Carlsen, out of his whole career and who is about 12 years older than Hans Nieman, only had 2 games with 100%. Also, Bobby Fischer, who is considered by many to be the greatest of all time, NEVER had 100% computer correlated accuracy. 


Magnus has 4 games in his career above 90%.

Hans has 33 games above 90%. 


There's no way you can convince me that Hans Niemann is better than Magnus Carlsen and Bobby Fischer.

Again, people, to all you people who are desperately trying to deny these very provable facts, stand here and refute any of these claims with any cross-examination you chose. Prove this man and these facts wrong.


He uses the term accuracy correlation which isn't a term that is used or has been used, there is accuracy and then there is engine correlation. Niemann has not had a single game with 100% accuracy and the correlation is probably the most ridiculous thing I've seen in this entire train wreck. It is a system used by chess base that cannot determine if someone is cheating and is not designed to see if someone is cheating, it can only determine that cheating is not likely if someone has a low correlation. However, when enough different engines are used even a comparatively weak GM might have 100% and it is a system that can also be rigged by those who contribute. It is completely ridiculous and anyone trying to pass it off as evidence is completely ignorant and is obviously suffering from confirmation bias, latching on to anything that claims their assumptions to be true.


I think you guys should stop inflaming dirrision



The Mount Rushmore of Chess 

Garry Kasparov, Paul Morphy, Bobby Fischer, and Magnus Carlsen.


Hans Niemann is nowhere near this, not even close.


Well it's an appeal to authority, but if Magnus walked up to me at a chess tournament and said "hey, that guy over there is cheating" I would think that either he was pulling some kind of prank on me or that that guy over there is cheating. I wouldn't even consider the Idea that Magnus was wrong.


The question isn't is Hans a cheat its did he cheat in the game against magnus and the only "evidence" to that claim is magnus saying he wasn't tense enough and I don't lose with white I'm magnus despite playing what nakamura called his worst game in 2 years .  Magnus didnt withdraw when they didn't take him serious he didn't withdraw when he knew Hans was coming he waited until after he lost.  There is lots of evidence hans cheated because Hans cheats there is zero evidence hans cheated against magnus.  10 days before this event magnus and everyone smash hans he loses 0-9 in Miami and no one says anything magnus even  plays with hans on the beach and tells hans its glad to have him in the global championship.  Then magnus loses and hes banned and magnus slings mud on twitter.  Magnus is the best chess player ever imo and also acted like a giant baby