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    o all people who are unaware of the situation in Kessab. Kessab is a city in Syria populated by around 2,000 Armenians, most of who are children and grandchildren of the survivors of the Armenian Genocide. An extremist terrorist group from Turkey, which is linked to Al Quada, has attacked Kessab. Bombings... Shooting... All on innocent civilians. Armenians have died, some have been captured, and the rest have fled their homes. It seems the Turks want to finish what they started 100 years ago. When will the rest of the world stand up against Genocide ? When will Turkey join the civilized world ? We will not let the history repeat itself. STOP THE GENOCIDE!!


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    The situation in Syria is truly tragic, and unfortunately it seems the whole world does not care, it's really a shame the Armenian people suffered an umpteenth abuse of power, and the tyrant Hassad takes advantage of the situation to stand as a bastion of the law! !


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