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Stuck at 1000

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    for the openings you can peruse the opening trees on this site (just to get an idea, again don't try to memorize lines, just directions play might go), 

    for middle game stuff tactics trainer is good, and for endgames you can set up positions with just your king and a queen/rook/twobishops/tworooks/a single pawn against a computer opponent with a king. a good free chess gui is arena, just google "arena chess" and it should come up, unless you already have a chess program you like that you can set-up positions with, and try to checkmate the computer without stalemating. this site should have most everything else you might need, however if you're really stuck or can't find something wikipedia surprisingly has a lot of information about almost everything.

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    read the amateurs mind.  Do tactics trainer everyday for about a half hour. do alot of the endgame mentor courses on here.  Chess is very frustrating.  Some days you will alot and then others you'll lose and blunder constantly. I just keep at it trying to improve.

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    AndyClifton wrote:

    wafflle stole my joke.

    It was in the public domain, as a clear and obvious design unmeritorious of patentationizing.

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    Hey, I'd probably resent that if I knew what the hell you just said! (must be alesso...whatever).


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