Study overload


I don't know what to do first:

i) study endgames from Purdy's Guide to Good Chess

ii) go over some of my own losses with Houdini

iii) do some mate-in-2 puzzles with Peshk@

iv) do some study using the lessons in Chessmaster


Anyone else find there is so much study material out there and so little time to do it? I remember reading recently that more books have been published about chess than any other game, by a long way. Now you have to count many software options too.

I feel I'm drowing in instructional material.

I feel I'm drowing in instructional material.

 I know the feeling!

I would probably do some studing with Chessmaster Lessons (I have done some of them in CM10, they are good) and do some endgame study...even though I'm not familiar with Purdy

Bronco70 wrote:
I feel I'm drowing in instructional material.

even though I'm not familiar with Purdy

Bobby Fischer raved about his writings.

I'm glad others feel the way I do and I'm not just mentally-challenged :)


Take it easy. Go to some OTB tournaments. That's often more instructional than any book you could read at this stage.


observe ur loses first!!! Thats what u should do ASAP


In psychological terms, it boils down to the ever-difficult approach-approach dilemma.

At the end of the day, it's actually less stressful to just pick one at random and study for a session than to even think of the many options within reach. Curious how our minds do this to us!