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Team Dragons Poem

  • #1

         She was A Dark, Deep-Toned, Delectable, Duchess of Dragoness,

         Her Srikingly Sharp lines Were Stressed, As She Was Dressed,

         In Her Baby Fresh Birthday Suit, And Nothing Less,

         Now I'm not Elliot Ness, So i wouln't Venture to Guess,

         But I Deemed, What seemed to be Steam, Streaming from Her Crest,

         Then The Smoke Bellowed, Aromatically Mellow,

         But When The Flames Shot out like a Torch,

         I Became Quite the Quaint, Charismatically Charred Fellow,

         Now I'm a Stout Fellow, But My Heart Turned to Jello,

         And As The Skin Peeled Off From My Face, I Stammered a  "Hello",

         "My Names Smokey The Bear, Although You singed all My Hair,

         From Whats Left, Of my Deft Visions Swept, By A Vision So Rare,

         Now I'm A High Mountain Mountie, I've Searched All the Counties,

         Your A Fine, Fruit Ripened Round-Tree, Worth Any Bounty",

         Then She Twinkled Her Eye, She Put Her Hand On My Thigh,

         I Felt Velvety Vaporised, She Whispered "Good Bye",

         I Arose With A Cry, As Smoke, High in the Sky,


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    you're touched dude

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    Thank Youk

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    You are really talented...

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    thanks killer

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