the best


who do you think is the best   magnus carlsen  or  viswanathan anand


Best looking?


if you want to pick that way that's up to you waffllemaster do you really want to come out to the entire community ?  best player was my meaning .


Chess players are always looking for mates Kiss


But seriously, my point is best player in what way?  Anand has a much more impressive body of work as a professional player  He's lost, won and defended several world championship matches.  He's won tournaments consistently for the last 20 years.

Carlsen is a rare talent (what top 10 player isn't), but hasn't accomplished nearly as much.

If you meant head to head match... well what do you mean?  Anand has a plus score even though Carlsen's rating is higher... just because Carlsen can beat other players more consistently doesn't mean he can beat Anand head to head more often.

Although in their recent meeting at Bilabo Carlsen won.


So again, what do you mean?

I think Anand is much better looking, how about you walter Innocent


head to head , and i think anand comes out on top 


Chess players are always looking for mates Kiss very funny their also quite often looking to queen.

and yes i would have to agree anand takes it on looks too ,its something to do with carlsens eyes  demonic i think is the word i would use.


Yeah, Carlsen hasn't proven himself vs Anand yet.  I'm sure he will eventually, but age difference isn't entirely fair... which is one reason it's hard to compare.

If Carlsen dominates his era, then he may well be remembered as better than Anand.


i think its possible he will be and i think that would be a little bit of a shame given anands accomplishments so far and what he may do in the future.  


I think it's fairly obvious Carlsen is the better player at the moment. His results at Super GM tournaments have been amazing and consistent, Anand has been fairly mediocre (for a top level player), and he's been falling down the rankings. But Anand isn't exactly at prime chess player age.

Overall Anand's obviously had the better career, but that's hardly fair to compare at the moment.


Carlsen is perhaps climbing, getting closer to his peak, while Anand is in decline. Right now Carlsen is clearly the stronger player, however as said Anand has an impressive record and can by no means be deemed weak, or undeserving of his title.

Whether carlsen will have as good a career as Anand, we will have to wait and see. 


Luke McShane is best.