The country (flag) you struggle against?

DeltaAquarid escreveu:

Hello. I'm a Filipino player. I always have trouble beating Brazillians. I'm still trying to figure out a playing style to beat them. With other players, I just usually change my game style to beat them. Winning a match, you also need focus and to give it your all. I lose games because Im not focused and sleep deprived. I have 2 game styles that works 65% well on the countries that I formulated it against with.

I have a lot of trouble beating Phillipinos too, oh, and some help, Brazilians really like playing agressive (From Brazil)


India, cheets for sure


I haven't thought about that


Ukraine , Phillipines .

I won't use the word struggle, but I have to say that the toughest opponents I have faced are usually playing under these flags


Maybe Philippines, Brazil, and sometimes Russia, it's difficult to answer clearly, since we all lose and win Also I didn't expect to see someone, who struggles, or struggled against players from my country


Pretty often I lost to Indians. And opponents from Russia and Ukraine are too really hard. But for two latters one reason is of course that them have really strong chess playing culture and even children are often teached to play that.