The end of times


How would you describe your playing as the clock runs down in live chess?  

Does it sharpen you? (Some people do well under pressure - nervse of steel - like those people who work on scaffolding of high rises under construction) Does it tend to fluster you?  Do you blunder?  

I realize some of it has to do with position.  If it's really complex and you need 3-5 minutes to analyze the board and you're down to 3 minutes, that might make you as nervous as being 20 seconds worth of calculation to sew up a checkmake but you only have 15. 

How do the various live chess time settings affect you and what kind of time strategy to optimize around your playing style?


It's a mix for me.  I can hold up better than some players for sure.  They started getting nervous and sloppy early.  But I use a Magic Trackpad, which is really fast - unless I get nervous and my fingers start to sweat even a little as the clock runs out - and then, when I need to be super quick the most, my fingers don't slide on the trackpad.  I guess I need to have some talcum powder nearby.


If you have a Mac.  And yes.  I used a Magic Mouse for years, and they're great, until you get the Magic Trackpad, and then suddenly the miracle mouse seems clunky and primitive.  With the trackpad you don't have to move the whole arm or wrist, you just slide your fingers and it understands several (and increasing number) of multi-touch gestures. It took me all of a day or two to get used to it and a week or so to see speed improvement in everything.  So I love it, except your hands need to be clean, and not moist, which is not an issue 99% of the time.