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The RobinCrowley Memorial Thread

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    Feel free to post ur memories and thoughts...!

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    In his honor I would like for us all to observe a minute of yelling:

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    Hey, he's still ranting over on another thread (must be like Night of the Living Crowleys or something).

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    I thought he would've haven kicked out of chess.com?

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    I'm guessing it's some kind of zombie-like ghostly residue that's still causing its rancorous choleric trouble through the halls of chess.com

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    Brightened my evening anyway!

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    Oh great, now he just started up a thread looking for better sites to play! lol

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    Fuck you all wood pushers

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    This is the one of the best thread titles of late btw...can't understand why more people aren't participating...

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    Hey, there's Fernando Lamas now!  Speak of the...er...

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    I liked grasshoppers better, Robin.

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    Why hasn't this idiot been removed from Chess.com?

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    They don't want to set a precedent (heehee!)

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    Maybe because you suck my rook Markle
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    RC reputation clearly hasn't spread as far as I had thought / hoped. Having said that, I feel rather honoured that he has made a personal appearance whilst at the same time a little let down by the lack of Profanity! :0)

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    Too bad your rook is only an inch and a half high.

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    Hey Batman, what's that up my ass ?

    Cock! Robin!

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    Idiot? No....entertainment? Oh yes!


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