The Woodpecker Method

IMBacon wrote:

I am always suspicious of any book, video, method, etc. That has to sell itself with something like:

"Win with the..."

"How to crush the..."

"Dominate with the..."

I was at first intrigued with this woodpecker method thing, and was going to purchase the book.  Unfortunately, I am a bad consumer, as i like to review things first.  I like to read up on things, and not just impulse buy.  While i like the idea, I can simply use my CT-Art 3.0 and go through each level of the tactics over and over and over, until i am getting them faster, and faster, and faster.  Maybe ot the exact same thing, but its close.

Yes, you are right, if you got the idea and if you have the discipline to do it, you can use a similar method with any book on tactics (it is what one of the co-authors did at the beginning, but he was annoyed about the mistakes that these books had - he checked every single exercise which seemed not convincing for him).



torrubirubi wrote:


I am also not advocating here that people should do only tactics, or that this specific method is the only one suited. It is only one among several others.

    Who can disagree with that?


Thanks for the link. I also like to learn repeatedly a rather small number of puzzles (let's say 500 to 1000) instead of the agony of learning always different puzzles (and with an algorithm that punish you if you get something wrong).