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This site has a bunch of cowards that don't have the guts to rematch people. This site should have a

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    Proud of being coward. I dont want rematch!

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    jay_00 wrote:

    I agree with the OP. So many cowards on this site, its incredible. I dont understand why people cant have the common courtesy to play 1 time with each color. I think it should be required. I ALWAYS offer a rematch, win or lose, unless i have a good reason not to (like being tired or busy). Whats funny about the runners/cowards on the site tho is they sometimes leave and u click to search for another game and you get matched with them again lol. 

    You need to pay me $1 or a Snicker's bar, in advance, if you want a rematch with me. Not everyone has the time for a rematch. Some people play rapid or blitz during a break at work. Why do people think their opponent is somehow obligated to play two games? And why would you call someone a coward for not meeting your needs to avenge a loss? Oh, right, it's the Internet....

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    YouFreaking wrote:



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    Time is a tool you can put on a wall

    Or wear it on a wrist,

    The OP is far behind us,

    His future doesn't exist.


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