This Site Will Soon Have 8 Million Members

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    really,dont be so stupid!?

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    Good Evening Dr S !

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    Howdy there, little lady.

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    Thu Oct. 8, 2013

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    Matthew_Alexander wrote:

    Thu Oct. 8, 2013

    It will be tomorrow, Thu. Oct. 3rd, 2013. Are you from a parallel universe that uses a different calendar system?

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    Yep, it happened today: 8,004,557 on Oct. 3, 2013. My prediction in post#4 was closest.

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    Not bad for dust.

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    Thanks for the posts.

    Well it seems that 8 million has been achieved so this thread is done. Adios, etc etc. 

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    Hey some have admit they were aliens so that helps with the number.

    Take the bodies from the cemetary and we will reach 10 million in no time!

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    Over 99% of the accounts inactive.

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    8 million accounts, right? There could also be lots of cheaters who come back in addition to accounts that are inactive in general. Either way, still has a lot of members.

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    I have a tough time saying good by.

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    winerkleiner wrote:

    I have a tough time saying good by.

    or good bye

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    I have a tough time spelling good bye!

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    It's been a while but let me say Thanks for the posts.

    I used to start a new thread for each million member-accounts at this site due mainly to the negativity of the naysayers ( boo to the naysayers  lol ). I see now that this site has just reached the number 11,004,959 for member-accounts. It's good to see the site moving forward, Way To Go !

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