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Tips for bullet?

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    Any tips for playing better bullet chess?

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    Play better slow chess.

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    -Play openings you know so you can save time and reach the middle game as soon as possible
    -If you get ahead in material, trading pieces becomes straight away a plan to follow, which can be useful when you're running out of time
    -Use a proper mouse if you can
    -Set up Autoqueen and Premove
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    Move really fast and don't get checkmated.

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    Play the first move you see that looks good/ok, there's no time to think. And it's far preferable to be on the attack and making threats even if your threats are illusory in the cold light of a slow game/analysis. But the better you are at slow chess, the better you will have an instinct about how to play a position at breakneck speed.

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