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Tips for OTB slow time controls?

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    I wasn't trying beat my opponent on time, I just wanted to see how he responded to Ke4 if he played Kf2 I would have offer a draw. He could have claimed a draw under USCF rules, but I think the arbiter should have made him play out the moves up to Kf2.

    But know you basic endings by heart, whenever I study endings I always practice with fast time controls because I know in OTB by the ending I'm not going to have time to think just react.

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    In France, the arbiter would have demanded that the player play "a few extra moves", and if the player with black shows that he actually knows the drawing pattern, he would have been awarded a draw, even if his flag fell.

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    Hey!  I just started a group for those interested in slow chess.  I'm not sure how to make it work yet, but maybe someone here is interested in helping making it work?  Let's grow this thing!






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