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Trying to understand bullet timing??

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    I was looking for a live chess game and accidentally got myself into a bullet game and was not aware of it. After my lost I noticed it said "time 2/1"  What does that mean I get two moves to make in one minute, and then do I get a whole minute back on my clock?? Like to improve my rating on those games but have no idea how the clock works??

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    That's 2 minutes to start out with plus 1 extra second for every move you make.

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    The first figure is the amount of minutes you get for the entire game, the second number is the increment you get after every move made in seconds.

    So 2/1 means you get 2 minutes to play the game and an added second after every move.

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    WOW, thats fast, thanks for the reply, now I can see why even strong player may have a lower rating in this sort of game?

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    Maybe they're not such strong players after all

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    heinzie, love your one liners, you can do this for ever and never get tiredCool


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