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Value of pieces change in bullet?

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    While trying to sleep last night after a long chess session I had the idea that perhaps the value of pieces change in bullet games. For example, when the time is running down and every move is more and more important and rushed, the versatility of a rook or a queen might make it that much more valueable than in a standard game. The propensity of a rook or Queen to complete more than one duty at a time might make them more valuable in bullet. Any input on this idea?

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    Queen = 13

    Knight = 6

    other pieces the same.

    Initiative = 3-4

    Objective good moves = bad moves

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    Oran_perrett wrote:

    knights are worth more than queens when it gets really low

    Queens are more powerfull than knights. I don't see how a knight can be more dangerous than a queen. Maybe by forks, but it's easy to prevent forks (in the endgame, at least) by just placing the pieces on diffrent colours. Then the knight is useless. Maybe they are rated 7 or 8 in extreme time trouble, but I doubt. In time trouble, giving a check or premoving is much more important than an objective advantage.

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    Viktor is that a standard or is it what you think the values are? I'm just curious.


    Also I can't see a knight being worth more than a queen ever Oran, care to explain?

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    I can see how the value of the Knight increases, but I seriously doubt it rivals the queen, especially under pressure.

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    This is an interesting idea, however when I play bullet, I just... play. I'm not thinking hmmm... how much is my queen worth compared to his knight and 3 pawns, when taking into account that I have 2 seconds left on the clock, and he has 3? Naturally the value of the pieces always depends on the situation - It is very difficult to generalise how much the value of the pieces change when under time pressure

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    Oran just to follow up, I still disagree with the knight's value increasing to that of a rook. In the endgame and with increasing time pressure, it is going to be that much harder to find a fork with a knight than with a rook considering how many less pieces are in play. Also, the knights are more vulnerable in the end game as well.

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    In all chess variants knights are valued at least twice as high, though lower than the queen. Blindness via the knight's zigzag patterns are just too common.

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    Chess4001 wrote:

    In all chess variants knights are valued at least twice as high, though lower than the queen. Blindness via the knight's zigzag patterns are just too common.

    Are you sure knights aren't better than queens in bughouse? They're the only nonblockable piece, which makes them very useful for dropped mates. As opposed to a queen, which allows to opponent to also drop a piece to block.

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    knights are very powerful but queens arent that much

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    In bughouse, I think two knights = queen

    the pawns are worth much more imo

    2 pawns = Rook

    3 pawns = Knight

    3 pawns = Bishop

    6 pawns = Queen

    In most of my games, a queen sack is well compensated if you get me two minor pieces. The rook is pretty much garbage in bughouse, unless you can "win the exchange" back by taking a bishop or knight.

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    better mouse is 2 points

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    the value of the pieces is secondary to time pressure and blundering and rudeness also plays its part. in time pressure complicate and sacrifice often take the day

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    Abhishek2 wrote:

    better mouse is 2 points

    better mouse is more like 10 points lol.Connection is another 10.

    Ever played bullet on a touchpad with yellowbar everygame?

    >Macbook pro with wireless internet.

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    Playing bullet on the computer rather than on a mobile device is an instant +20 hands down.


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