Volunteer opportunities to teach chess to kids/ beginners.


Hi everyone,

I'm looking to volunteer as a chess teacher for kids just learning how to play. I just started playing chess recently so I would only be able to teach beginners. Does anyone know any online companies that hire volunteers to teach chess? I'm applying to schools and volunteering looks good on applications. 


Can you describe what and how you will teach?


I would teach just the basics of chess, I haven't really thought about how I would teach. 


Always good to start with the basics.  But its vastly import that that you know how to "explain" what you're teaching.  I know players much better at chess than i will ever be, but they lack the ability to teach as they have no clue how to explain things. 


Very true


Let me be honest here: if all you can teach is basics, you might as well not bother. There is plenty well-presented information on the internet that covers the basics. If you want to be a chess teacher, you would need to give something more of value to your students than what is available to them already, easily accessible and completely free.

You seem like a cool person but you literally would waste your time volunteering. There’s plenty videos on the internet that could explain better or similar. However, I do like your intentions kind sir.

Thank you for the feedback 


I suggest make your rapid rating to 1600 first.
look, I am a nine-year-old kid right now. I think just teach the people that want to be taught spread chess. I think it will help if you ask them to teach others. You don't have to do all the work do you?

Hi am interested to volunteer as a teacher for kids who are beginners!


Evaluate the advice given here carefully. Most of it is just the opinion of someone who has never taught chess and has no intention of doing so. Being actively taught something in person is vastly different to passively watching a video on Youtube, no matter what others (with no experience) here say.

Teacher here, btw.