Was Bobby Fischer the Elvis of chess?


Obviously Bobby Fischer didn't sing and dance (that we know of), but that wouldn't fit the metaphor of a cerbreral sport like chess.


Within the paradigm of chess, would it be safe to say that Bobby Fischer was the chess world's Elvis Presley? How would one go about making the comparison?  

I realize it's asking a lot of somber, analytical, erudite chess Vulcans to consider such a preposterous concept.

I must admit, while at first this topic seemed like a compelling idea, now ... not so much. It needs help. I'm fine. The topic needs help.


Fischer and Elvis, eh? Elvis sang "Suspicious Minds". Bobby had one...


Bobby could dance, I don't know how well. He danced with some local girls in Reykjavik in '72. I don't know if he could sing...maybe in the shower or if he got really plastered?

Yeah, this topic needs lots of help. Laughing


Yeah, I've resorted to multimedia and cheap special effects, and considering hiring a PR firm to spin it.


Lol, Elvis Presley and Bobby Fischer are the two men I admire most


Well we should remember that Elvis was the King of Rock and Roll with a lot of fame around the world and in his day as World Champ Fischer was the King of Chess and was quite famous as well after beating the " Russian Chess Machine ".